A popular list of communion mass hymns/songs for Catholic Mass celebration. Use these holy communion songs lyrics as best references. These are traditional communion hymns we sing in the Church.

1.A Banquet Is Prepared :

A banquet is prepared with my cup
running over; my head is anointed with oil.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall want nothing.
He leads me to rest in green fields;
he leads me always on the path of fidelity
to waters of cool refreshment… Read More

2.Song Of The Lamb :

Lamb of God {alleluia {3}
Lamb of God alleluia, alleluia.

On that night you took the bread and blessed
and broke your life upon the earth to save us
and to raise us to your Father’s throne… Read More

3.O Lord, I Will Sing :

O Lord, I will Sing of your constant love
and your faithfulness will I always proclaim.
O Lord, I will sing of your constant love,
your truth with me forever.

You are my God how I long for you, I thirst like
a dry weary land. I gaze on you in your holy place…Read More

4.Fill My House Unto The Fullest :

Fill my house unto the fullest. Eat my bread and
drink my wine. The love I bear is held from no one.

All I own and all I do I give to you.

Take my time unto the fullest. Find in me the trust… Read More

5.Jesus, Thou Art Coming :

Jesus, thou art coming, holy as thou art,
thou the God who made me, to my sinful heart.
Jesus, I believe it, on thy only word;
kneeling I adore thee, as my King and Lord… Read More

6.I Have Received The Living Bread :

{ I have received the Living Bread
and my heart is filled with joy. {2}

He says to me: “I am the bread which I give
to feed your soul; he who eats of this my flesh,
will attain the heavenly goal.”… Read More

7.Bread Of Life

I myself am the bread of life. You and I
are the bread of life, taken and blessed, broken
and shared by Christ that the world might live…Read More

8.If We Eat Of The Lord

If we eat of the Lord and we drink of the Lord,
like the Lord, we all shall be. Then we live
with his life, and we share in his love,
and his truth will make us free…. Read more

9.Yours Is The Kingdom

Yours is the kingdom, yours is the power,
yours is the glory evermore.
Lord, forever, Lord, forevermore…Read More

10.All You Who Hunger

All you who hunger and thirst for the Lord,
come to his banquet today, Jesus our Savior
is calling: “All you who pass by the way,
come to the feast that is ready.
hasten and do not delay.”….Read More

11.Broken For Me

Broken for me, broken for you,
the body of Jesus, broken for you.

He offered his body, he poured out his soul;
Jesus was broken, that we might be whole….Read More

12.Come, O Lord, To My Heart

Come, O Lord, to my heart today
and stay with me all the day.

Your flesh is food and your blood is drink
with these, you give to me your life…Read More

13.Come To The Table Of The Lord

Come to the table of the Lord. Receive his
Sacrament adored. He gives us grace in copious
flood. Receive the Lord, his body, and blood….Read More

14.I Am The Bread Of Life

I am the bread of life.
You who come to me shall not hunger;
and who believe in me shall not thirst.
No one can come to me unless the Father beckons….Read More

15.Gift Of Finest Wheat

You satisfy the hungry heart with gift
of finest wheat, come give to us,
O Saving Lord, the Bread of Life to eat….Read More

16.Father And Life-Giver

Father and life-giver, grace of Christ impart;
he, the Word incarnate, food for mind and heart.
Children of the promise, homage now we pay;
sacrificial banquet cheers the desert way….Read More

17.Take This, All Of You Lyrics

Take this, all of you, eat of this flesh.
Take, this is my blood, shed for sinners all.
For my life I give and my love I share:
trust and believe in me…Read More

18.Soul Of My Savior

Soul of my Savior sanctify my breast;
Body of Christ, be thou, my saving guest;
Blood of my Savior, bathe me in thy tide,
wash me with waters flowing from thy side…Read More

19.Deep Calls To Deep

Deep calls to deep and my soul finds no resting
place but Him. He is my God; the yearning of my
heart His touch can still…Read More

20.Come To My Heart

Come to my heart, Lord Jesus;
teach me to walk in your way. Come to
my heart, Lord Jesus; come to my heart today….Read More

21.Come To Me And Eat

Come to me and eat, you shall be
hungry no more. Come to me and drink,
you shall be thirsty no more…Read More

22.Food Of Angels

Food of the angels sacred food; priceless treasure
hidden here. He that eateth lives for aye, soul
secure in mortal clay….Read More

23.Seed Scattered And Sown

Seed, scattered and sown,
wheat gathered and grown,
bread, broken and shared as one,
the Living bread of God….Read More

24.Now In This Banquet

Now in this banquet, Christ is our bread;
Here shall all hungers be fed.
Bread that is broken, wine that is poured,
Love is the sign of our Lord….Read More

25.Happy Are They

Happy are they who are called to the table
of the lord. Happy are they who are called
to share in the meal of the Lamb…Read More

26.One Bread, One Body

One bread, one body, one Lord of all,
one cup of blessing which we bless.
And we, though many, throughout the earth,
we are one body in this one Lord….Read More

27.To Be Your Bread

To be your bread now, be your wine now,
Lord, come and change us to be a sign of your love.
Blest and broken, poured and flowing,
gift that you gave us, to be your body once again…Read More

28.Children Of God

Children of God, hear his holy word.
Gather around the table of the Lord.
Eat his body, drink his blood and we’ll sing
a song of Love, allelu, allelu, allelu, alleluia….Read More

29.Five Thousand People

Five thousand people near Galilee’s lake
ate bread and fish that Jesus had given;
then on the morrow, Jesus proclaimed:
he was the bread from heaven….Read More

30.Break Thou The Bread Of Life

Break thou the bread of life, dear Lord, to me,
as Thou didst break the loaves beside the sea;
beyond the sacred page I seek thee, Lord;
my spirit pants for thee, O living Word….Read More

31.Blanket Of The Lord

Come, let’s share in the banquet of the Lord,
in the blessed sacrament.
Come, let’s share in the supper of the Lord,
in the blessed sacrament…Read More

32.O Lord, I Am Not Worthy

O Lord, I am not worthy that Thou shouldst
come to me, but speak the words of comfort,
my spirit healed shall be….Read More

33.Come To The Water

Come to the water, You who are thirsty.
Though you have nothing, I bid you come
And be filled with the goodness I have to offer!
Come, Listen, love!…Read More

34.Take, Eat

Take, eat, this is my body. Take, drink
of this cup, Poured for you and for many.
Do this in remembrance of me…Read More

35.Lord, Enthroned In Heavenly Splendor

Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour,
First-begotten from the dead, thou alone, our strong
defender, liftest up thy people’s head.
Alleluia, alleluia, Jesus, true and living bread…Read More

36.Christ’s Love For Us

Love is His word, Love is His way, feasting with all,
fasting alone, living and dying, rising again
love, only love is His way…Read More

37.Feed On Me

Feed on me, and never will you hunger;
feed on me, and life will never end…Read More

38.Let Us Be Bread

Let us be bread, blessed by the Lord,
broken and shared, life for the world.
Let us be wine, love freely poured,
let us be one in the Lord…Read More

39.O Lord, I’m Not Worthy

O Lord, I’m not worthy, yet you come to live
in me. So speak your word of comfort,
by your touch strengthen and heal me…Read More

40.Bread That Was Sown

Bread that was sown in our hills and valleys,
now harvested, becomes one.
From all the world gather your people, O God,
into the feast of your Love…Read More

41.That There May Be Bread

That there may be bread, that there may be joy,
for all humanity to share with gratitude:
let this be our prayer, and may each child of earth
long for a freedom that will flourish in all lands….Read More

42.Shepherd Of Soul

Shepherd of souls, refresh and bless your chosen
pilgrim flock with manna in the wilderness,
with water from the rock…Read More

43.In The Breaking Of The Bread

In the breaking of the bread
we have known Him; we have been fed.
Jesus the stranger, Jesus the Lord,
be our companion; be our hope…Read More

44.In Memory Of Jesus

In memory of Jesus, we gather and give thanks;
in memory of Jesus, we speak, we pray.
In memory of Jesus, we take and eat,
all in memory of him…Read More

45.O Lord With Wondrous Mystery

O Lord with wondrous mystery you took
our bread and wine and make of these two
humble things yourself, Our Lord Divine.
Our wheat and drink become our light our altar…Read More

46.Bread Broken, Wine Shared

Bread broken, wine shared; Jesus, here,
Taking our lives, opening our hearts,
making us whole, setting our loving free…Read More

47.Song Of The Body Of Christ

We come to share our story,
we come to break the bread,
we come to know our rising from the dead…Read More

48.Table Of Plenty

Come to the feast of heaven and earth!
Come to the table of plenty!
God will provide for all that we need,
here at the table of plenty….Read More

49.One Love Released

One bread, one body, one cup, one call,
one faith, one Spirit present in us all.
One prayer, one blessing, one hope, one peace,
one church, one people, one love released…Read More

50.Lord, To Whom Shall We Go

Lord, to whom shall we go? You are our bread,
broken and shared. Lord, to whom shall we go?
Yours are the words of life…Read More

51.Take And Eat Lyrics

Take and eat, this is my body. Take and drink,
this is my lifeblood…Read More

52.God’s Holy Gifts

God’s holy gifts for God’s holy people;
come now to share the banquet of Christ.
Feed on his love with faith and thanksgiving.
Know in your heart that he died for you…Read More

53.When We Eat This Bread

When we eat this bread and we drink this cup
we proclaim your death until you come…Read More

54.Lord, To Whom Shall We Go

Lord, to whom shall we go?
O Lord, to whom shall we go?
You alone have the words of lasting life.
Lord, to whom shall we go?…Read More

55.Our Blessing Cup

Our blessing cup is a communion
with the blood of Christ;
and the bread we break, it is a sharing
in the body of the Lord…Read More

56.Companions On The Journey

We are companions on the journey,
breaking bread and sharing life;
and in the love we bear is the hope we share
for we believe in the love of our God.{2}…Read More

57.May We Come To Know The Lord

In the bread may we be broken.
In the cup may we be outpoured.
May we come to know the healer,
may we come to know the Lord…Read More

58.We Come Today

We come today to break this bread and
share this cup of wine. We gather at your table
now to hear your words of life…Read More

59.Now We Remain

We hold the death of the Lord deep in our hearts.
Living, now we remain with Jesus, the Christ…Read More

60.Taste And See

Taste and see, O taste and see,
taste and see the goodness of God…Read More

61.Bread For The World

Bread for the world: a world of hunger.
Wine for all peoples people who thirst.
May we who eat be bread for others.
May we who drink pour out our love…Read More

62.The Eucharist Song

This is My Body, take now and share!
Deep in the memory of My own prayer…Read More

63.Come To Me And Drink

Come to me and drink.{2} Oh, let
all who are thirsting come to me and drink….Read more

64.Take, Eat And Hunger No Longer

Take, eat and hunger no longer, for I am the
bread of life. Take, drink, this wine will
refresh you. My cup overflows with love for you….Read More

65.This Is Jesus

This is Jesus, Emmanuel.
God is with us in this sacrament,
come receive him, adore him.
This is Jesus, our Lord…Read More

66.Lord, You Are My Everything

Lord you are my everything, lord you are
my friend. In this bread, you promise me
life that has no end…Read More

67.Take And Eat, Take And Eat Take And Eat, Take And Eat

Take and eat, take and eat: this is my body
given up for you Take and drink; take and drink:
this is my blood given up for you….Read More

68.Come And Eat Of My Bread Come And Eat Of My Bread

Come and eat of my bread.
Come and drink of my wine.
Come to the feast I’ve prepared for you…Read More

69.Come To Me All Who Thirsty Come To Me All Who Thirsty

Come to me, all who thirsty and are weary.
Come, be quenched at the fountain of freshness.
Streams of living water will flow forth
from my heart in abundance…Read More

70.Bread Of Life And Cup Of Hope

Bread of life and cup of hope, we come as gift
to you. Change our hearts; fill us with peace.
Transform our lives anew. Open our eyes so that…Read More

These were the most common Catholic Communion Hymns, sung during the time of communion during the Holy Eucharist.