Catholic Mass Entrance Hymns

Catholic Mass entrance hymns
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Catholic Mass entrance hymns
Catholic Mass entrance hymns

A popular list of catholic entrance mass hymns/songs for Catholic Mass celebration

1.All People That On Earth :

All people that on earth do dwell, I sing to the
Lord with cheerful voice; I serve him with joy, his
praises tell, come now before him, and rejoice…Read More

2.All the earth:

All the earth, proclaim the Lord
sing your praise to God.

Serve you the Lord, heart filled with gladness.
Come into his presence, singing for joy…Read More

3.We gather here o lord:

We gather here, O Lord, to hear your saving
word, to feast upon this finest bread, this
richest wine outpoured. Come, set our hearts
ablaze! Come, fill our nights and days with
purpose strong and vision clear and songs
of thankful praise!…Read More

4.How lovely is your dwelling place:

How lovely is your dwelling place,
O Lord God of Hosts!

My soul yearns and pines for the courts of the Lord,…Read More

5.I Rejoiced When I Heard:

I rejoiced when I heard the people saying:
“Let’s go to the temple of the Lord.” And now,…Read More

6.Jubilate Everybody:

Jubilate everybody, serve the Lord in all your
ways, and come before his presence singing,
enter now his courts with praise…Read More

7.Just Like A Child:

Just like a child who trusts his father dear
and who delights to feel his presence near,…Read More

8.Joy Was In My Heart:

Joy was in my heart, alleluia, when I heard
them say: “Let us go to God’s house.”…Read More

9.Come To The Table Of The Lord:

Come to the table of the Lord, my friends,
come to the altar of his love….Read More

10.What A Joy Lyrics:

What a joy, what a joy for us to say:
“We’re on our way to the house of the Lord.”…Read More

11.I Am Thine, O Lord :

I am thine, O Lord, I have heard thy voice,
and it told thy love to me; but I long to rise in the…Read More

12.Sing All Creation, Sing To God:

Sing, all creation, sing to God in gladness.
Joyously serve him, singing hymns of homage….Read More

13.Come Let Us Go:

Come, let us go to the mountain of the Lord;
let us clap our hands in song.
Come, you who thirst for serenity…Read More

14.We Celebrate:

We celebrate this festive day with prayer
and joyful song. Our Father’s house is home
to us, we know that we belong….Read More

15.Enter The House Of The Lord:

Enter the house of the Lord, our God.
Enter the house of the Lord. Sing of your God who…Read More

16.Here At This Table;

Come and be filled here at this table.
Food for all who hunger and drink for all who thirst…Read More

17.Gather Us Together:

Lord, Jesus Christ, gather us together.
Make us one bread, one body in your love….Read More

18.Lord Our God:

Lord our God, O Lord our Father, Lord of love
and Lord of fear, now we gather round your
alter and we know your Word is near…Read More

19.Gather Us In:

Here in this place new light is streaming,
now is the darkness vanished away,
see in this space our fears and our…Read More

20.I Rejoiced:

I rejoiced when I heard them say:
“Let us go to the house of the Lord.” …Read More

21.I Will Turn My Steps:

I will turn my steps to the altar of God,
the gladness of life.

Show your justice in pleading my cause,
let me walk in the way of your love…Read More

22.Song Of Praise

Sing to the Lord your song of praise
worship the Lord with a joyful heart,
come before him with happy songs,
sing him your song, give him your love…Read More

23.Gathering Song

Though so many we are one; sharing now with
Christ our Lord. Bread of life and saving Love,
we gather in his name…Read More

24.As We Are Gathered

As we are gathered Jesus is here;
one with each other, Jesus is here…Read More

25.Come To The Lord

Come to the Lord with a song in your heart,
for the Lord our God is good.
Shout out your praises for all that he has done…Read More

26.Come To The House:

All the earth, all you peoples,
lift your voices as one.
Come to the house of God:
this is your home…Read More

27.Enter His Gates:

Enter his gates with thanksgiving in your hearts
enter his courts with praise…Read More

28.Gather Your People

Gather your people, O Lord.
One bread, one body, one spirit of love.
Gather your people, O Lord…Read More

29.Jesus Is Tenderly Calling

Jesus is tenderly calling thee home, calling today,
calling today; why from the sunshine of love wilt...Read More

30.Great Is The Lord

Great is the Lord. Acclaim him all you peoples,
great is the wonder of our God…Read More

31.O Lord Of Hosts

O Lord of hosts, how I trust in your love.
Give ear to me, God of Jacob…Read More

32.We Are Climbing Up

We are climbing up the mountain of the Lord
who will teach us to walk in his ways…Read More

33.We have Come Into His House

We have come into his house and gathered
in his name to worship him…Read More

34.Our Joy, O Lord, Is In You

Our joy, O Lord, is in you
You gather us around your table.
You make us one at heart, in peace and love….Read More

35.Let Us Go To The Altar

Let us go to the altar of God, the God of our
gladness and joy. Let us enter the courts of the…Read More

36.Let Me Live In Your House

Let me live in your house, O Lord,
let me dwell in your courts of praise.
Let me live in your love, rejoice in your light…Read More

37.To The Altar

We are walking to the altar of the Lord. {2}
We will all go together on the Lord’s own day.
We will go to the altar of the Lord….Read More

38.The Love Of Christ

The love of Christ has gathered us
together, rejoice in him and be glad….Read More

39.You Invite Us To Your Feast

You invite us to your feast, Lord,
and we come to sing your praise,
to proclaim your death and rising…Read More

40.On We Go To Jerusalem

On we go to Jerusalem, the city of the house
of God. Pilgrim people we seek the Lord,
the Lord of the house of rock…Read More

41.Joy Was In My Heart

Joy was in my heart when I heard the people
say: “Let us go up to the temple of the Lord.”
And we are at last in the presence of the
Lord, Alleluia! Alleluia!…Read More

42.How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place, O Lord

How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord.
What peace and joy to feel so close to you!
Our heart and soul ring out their joy…Read More

43.Gather The People

Gather the people! Enter the Feast!
All are invited, the greatest and least.
The banquet is ready, now to be shared….Read More

44.O God, Thy People Gather

O God, thy people gather, obedient to thy word,
around thy holy altar to praise thy name, O Lord;…Read More

45.Come Before The Table

Come before the table of the Lord of hosts
with all your lives in your hands…Read More

46.All Things Are Thine

All things are thine, O Lord:
we offer thee what we receive from thy hand…Read More

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