About Us

About Us

What is the Catholic World?

The Catholic World is a website that contains some of the very basic things which are lost in the hype and controversies thrown at the Catholic Church. We are so engrossed with world politics that clinging to our faith is becoming a great challenge. The Catholic World, as a website, endeavors to bring to you all those very simple articles and blogs that can make you think and rethink the purpose of Catholic life on Earth. This site also contains almost every mass hymns and prayer required daily.

So, do stay connected and keep praying!


  • Catholic Mass Communion Hymns

    Catholic Mass Communion Hymns

    CATHOLIC COMMUNION HYMNS A popular list of communion mass hymns/songs for Catholic Mass celebration. Use these holy communion songs’ lyrics as the best references. These are traditional communion hymns we sing in the Church. These songs are such that they truly lead you into a time of retrospection as you receive Jesus during communion. 1.A […]

  • Catholic Mass Entrance Hymns

    Catholic Mass Entrance Hymns

    ENTRANCE HYMNS A popular list of catholic entrance mass hymns/songs for Catholic Mass celebration 1.All People That On Earth : All people that on earth do dwell, I sing to theLord with cheerful voice; I serve him with joy, hispraises tell, come now before him, and rejoice…Read More 2.All the earth: All the earth, proclaim the […]

  • With Love, Joseph.

    With Love, Joseph.

    This is a love song from St Joseph to our Blessed Mother. A relationship so pure. A relationship so humble. Love expressed in silence. A love magnified in modesty. A love shown through uncompromising respect. Here is a love song from St Joseph to his spouse, our Blessed Mother. I guess this must be truly […]

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