Why did God create the Tree of Knowledge?

Why did God create the Tree of Knowledge?

The tree of knowledge. God created the tree of knowledge and placed it in the garden of Eden. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was he told adam and Eve not to eat from that tree. Genesis 2:16-17 says that God says to Adam that he must not eat from the tree, if he does he will surely die. Most of us sigh on the fact that why did God keep the tree in the center of the garden and not in any deserted or difficult-to-reach location so that Adam and Eve would not be able to consume the fruit and lead to the fall of mankind. And that is true to some extent. But if we think deeply and at least try to understand the mindset of God, we will understand why he did that.

Of course, he didn’t want adam and eve to fall. Of course, he wanted them to stay in the garden with him. Of course, he wanted their offsprings and the coming generations to exist in the garden itself. If that’s the case, then why did he allow adam and eve to fall? If God wanted Adam and Eve to prosper, why did he even let Satan tempt them? Why did he allow to take the wrong decision if all he wanted for them everlasting life in the Garden of Eden.

Here are five reasons why God created the tree of knowledge.

Knowledge completes us

Yes, knowledge completes us. We will be nowhere if we didn’t have the knowledge bout it. But is it true that adam and eve had no knowledge about anything? Of course, they did. Did they name all the plants and animals, remember? God made Adam in charge of the garden of Eden and told him to take care of it. How can I take care of something if I do not have any knowledge about it? Thus, this proves the fact that God had put in knowledge in Adam and Eve, but only what was necessary. Knowledge completes us. Without knowledge, we would end up being nowhere. Let’s put it this way. Knowledge is beauty. Knowledge is also power. From god comes true knowledge and he is the source of all power. God purposely kept the tree of knowledge in the center of the garden just to remind us that God should be the center of our lives and no matter what we can never be like God. that is why God prevented Adam to consume the fruit from the tree of good and evil. the reason most probably could be that Adam will not be able to handle its consequences. And so was it that way.

Trust in the Human race

God trusted Adam. That is the reason why he created the tree. that is the reason why he placed it in the center. And that is the reason why God made adam, in charge of the tree. In Genesis chapter 2, we see God instructing adam to take care of the garden, but more specifically the tree. And then he warns him not to eat from that tree, as that would lead to his death. Now, whether the death was physical or spiritual, can be a topic for later discussion. Lest now understand, why he created the tree. It might sound strange to you that God trusted his creation. Well, why not? God made humans and then he was most impressed by that. It was only for the humans that he exclaimed it to ” Good”. He gave his breath to the humans. His most beautiful creation was not anything else but humans. But Adam was formed out of special care, in the image of God himself. thus he trusted him, and even though he knew what was about to happen in a few days’ time, he trusted him. 

God respects our Free Will

Free will, is God’s biggest gift to us. imagine, a human race without having any free will. Imagine how your life would be as a slave. We all know from our history, how life was for the slaves in the past. Hence we can correlate. If human beings made the lives of slaves so miserable, how miserable would it be, if God would take away our free will and make us his slaves. But God wanted us to be his children and not mere slaves. God loves our free will because he doesn’t want us to obey him forcefully but willingly and with love. Thus he created the tree of knowledge and did not hide it. Rather he kept it in the middle of the garden and under the protection of a human who in the latter half would betray God and disobey him. Something that Jesus did for Judas and Judas did for Jesus. Adam had the free will to obey God and not eat the fruit from Eve. Unfortunately, he did not do so. But God respected his free will even till the end. Thus, it was his love for our free will, for which he created the tree of knowledge.

Love for us

I am sure, that I do not have to explain much on this sub-topic. God loves us in so many ways. Think deeply and carefully. God wants what is best for us. Why do you think, God told adam that if he had eaten that fruit he would die? Does that mean, Adam was immortal? Well, maybe we can take it this way that God wanted something greater for adam and eve than just knowledge. imagine the thought coming to your mind when you see a naked picture. Some will comfortable and others will enjoy it for the wrong reasons. But Adam and Eve were all naked. Yet, they never took it in the wrong way. they never too naked as something which is uncivilized and gross. They already had the knowledge of purity of thought and character. Hence, God wanted something superior for both of them. That is how he loved them. He created the tree of knowledge just to let us know that that there are far greater things than what the world can give you. The world can give you knowledge and power, but God will give you true knowledge like David, true power like Samson, and true wisdom like Solomon.

Unchained by His will

We are all unchained by the will of God. This point is in some way similar to free will. But in free will we see how God gave us free will so that we may love and obey him out of willingness and love and not just because he wants us to. However, we should also realize that God has given us free will, but at the same time unchained us from his holy will. which basically means that we are not bound by his will. Yes, he regulates our lives, and that we are all regulated by his power and glory. Just like Adam was. God knew what he would do, and also what Eve –  who was supposed to be the mother of all nations, would lead them to, but still, he didn’t chain them with his instructions and order. God created the tree of knowledge, once again to let Adam and Eve know and all of us know that we are all free birds in the sky. God sees us, watches over us, but always comes into direct action when we ask him to. 

So these are the five very simple and obvious reasons why God created the tree of knowledge. Maybe it was for something greater. But, surely it was for us to learn a great lesson about God’s love.

What do you think could be the reason for Him creating the Tree of Knowledge? Comment below.

God Bless!

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