Various Prayers

Prayer to The Holy Trinity

O Infinite Trinity,

The perfect image of living light:

We raise our praise to you.


All-powerful wisdom of peace

You uphold everything with provident love:

May our minds be illumined by you.


Source of life that does not die,

You raise every man to your immortal grace:

Let our hearts rest in you.


Seat of merciful sanctity,

You pardon the crimes of sinners:

Guide our steps.


Life of boundless love,

You rule the universe with remarkable justice:

Teach us to show your love with a generous pardon.


O highest fidelity,

You made us children of the eternal God:

Make us instruments of your peace.


Glory to you Father, God of all creation.

Glory to you Christ, risen to give us life.

Glory to the Spirit who binds us in sincere love. Amen.

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