Various Prayers

Prayer in Sickness

Almighty and Eternal God,

I offer you my sickness

In union with the sufferings of your son endured.

The sacred body of Jesus

was afflicted with untold sufferings.

His pains were intense

And you willed that he suffer in such a manner

For the salvation of the world.

By uniting my sufferings to those of Jesus,

I can make them meritorious

For my salvation and for that of others.


In your mercy,

O sacred heart of Jesus,

Grant me the strength to accept my infirmity,

And if it be your will,

may I speedily be restored to health.

You, dear Lord,

Who cured the mother-in-law of Peter,

Grant that I too may be cured

So as to resume my daily duties,

If not, give the humility

To accept the help of others

And the grace to see

Your kind and gracious purpose

working in all the events of my life. Amen.

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