How To Make A Good Confession?

make a good confession



Confession has always been a matter of struggle for many. I too had a deep struggle with confession years back, and even now sometimes confession seems to be a big deal for me. However, with the continuous intercession of our Blessed Mother and with the help of my friends and priests, I somehow get the courage of making a confession. Good or bad, depends on how I feel in my heart after making the confession.

Let’s see 5 such ways to make a good confession.

1. Take Heart

My dear friends, know that you are not rejected by our Lord Jesus. Yes, you have sinned, but you are not rejected. Most of the time, people go away from their faith is because they lose all hope. This is what the devil wants. First, he wants us to sin, and then he deceives us by saying that our sins cannot be forgiven and that God hates us. No, he does not. In fact, Jesus says very clearly in the Bible that he has come for the sinners. The very reason that God Almighty took a human form and came to this world is to save sinful souls. We all sins. Even the holiest people fall seven times a day. So, do not lose heart. Just know that you are not abandoned and Jesus is going to forgive you and love you even more once you confess with all your heart the sins that you have committed.

2. Realise your fallen nature

It is very important to have a conscience that has not dried up. In fact, having a working conscience is very essential not just to make a good conscience, but also for each and every activity we do in a day. It is also necessary that we figure out our source of driving that conscience. You see, conscience differs from person to person. Hence always pray and read the scriptures. because this will help you know what is allowed to be done, and what is prohibited. The sole intention of this exercise is to realize that you are fallen. You have sinned and you need help. Why do you need help, and what’s wrong if you keep being fallen? Well once you get used to doing something for which you feel guilty, gradually doing the same thing again and again will suck out your conscience. This is a big NO-NO! Before making a good confession, always test your conscience. In other words, be humble and accept the fact that you have sinned. Especially accept those areas as your faults about which you have been arguing to be innocent. Try to gather all those instances in your mind where you did even the most minor faults and be ready to confess them to Jesus.

3. Write down your Sins.

This might sound peculiar and old school, but believe me, this helps a lot. We must also note here that for making a good confession there is also a need for preparation. TAKE CONFESSION SERIOUSLY! Prepare your mind and heart and also your sins before you kneel make the sign of the cross. What happens is, if we truly depend on our memory, we might skip out some sins. Why do we skip out, when we just recollected all our sins? It’s because sins bring back certain memories which overwhelm us and bring certain emotions with them as well. This might lead to skipping some of the minor venial sins, eventually leading to forgetting those sins and not saying them as well. hence, develop the habit of writing down your sins and reading from them in front of the priest.

4. Ask from the Lord and the Blessed virgin

Sins are shameful. Sins are disgusting. Sins are nasty. Sins are filthy. Sins are stinky. Hence no one takes pride in saying these filthy actions that they have committed in the last day, week, month, or year. Thus it becomes a real challenge for someone to say certain sins which brings a lot of shame. Hence, ask for courage and faith from the Lord and the Blessed Virgin. Ask the Blessed Virgin to continue interceding for you so that you may say each and every sin the way it is. It is only Jesus and his mercy that can save you. It is only his love that will protect you from feeling too humiliated and shameful to confess those sins. Always say a short prayer before making the confession. Tell him that you are weak and need help from him only to say those sins back to him.

5. Be Honest

One of the main reasons why most of our confession does not bring us peace from within is that we hide a lot of things. St John Bosco often said ‘ God Sees’. We too must remember these two words. Even if we do not say our sins, God can see them all, and he will remember them as well on the day of our judgment. Therefore get complete absolution from the sins. Tell each and every incident that caused you to sin. Do not fabricate your actions. Speak the blunt truth. Remember, that the doctor will not give you the medicine for back pain if you say that you are actually having a headache. Speak what is true and the ‘truth will set you free’. Remember that Jesus himself has given authority to all priests, saying that whatever they will forgive here on earth, the same thing will be forgiven in Heaven, and whatever they shall retain here on earth, they will be retained in heaven as well. The more clear we are with our sins, the easier it is for the priest to provide us with counseling and recollection. 

Thus, making a good confession gives you such amazing peace in your heart and the strength to fight the devil. It gives you the grace to be reunited with Jesus who loves you and wants you desperately, now more than ever.

Practice these five ways before going for a confession. Comment below, if these points have helped you make a good confession.

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